3T MRI Evaluation of the Equine Stifle Now Available at Animal Imaging!

Pathology of the equine stifle can be challenging to definitively diagnose. We are excited to offer a few diagnostic options regarding the management of stifle disease. Following your lameness evaluation and localization of the lameness to the stifle with regional anesthesia, radiology is often the next procedure performed. Following radiographs, ultrasound may be indicated. Bothe Dr. Dana Nellis and Dr. Beth Bisco have trained extensively in equine ultrasound prior to and during their respective radiology residencies. If any uncertainties remain regarding the pathology present, select cases can be imaged with a 3-Tesla MRI. Our 3-Tesla MRI has a 70cm bore that is large enough to accommodate horses of average or small frame. Having as much clinical information as possible can help the referring veterinarian create the most effective treatment protocol. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting new diagnostic tool for evaluation stifle disease. 3 Tesla MRI

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