Better Vision – Better Diagnosis – Better Care

Animal Imaging is a leading imaging center with state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services for all companion animal and equine patients and is distinguished by a host of unique advantages.

Providing unparalleled imaging capabilities and exceptional personal service, Animal Imaging offers quick scheduling and prompt care – all with the convenience and comfort of outpatient service. And unlike most other diagnostic centers, Animal Imaging is noted for its quick and easy scheduling.

Animal Imaging operates as a seamless extension for any referring veterinarian’s practice, providing timely, detailed reports and a fully collaborative environment that’s dedicated to supporting you in all aspects of care.

Plus, the center is also renowned for its use of MRI’s for equine and companion animal patients, with capabilities few other facilities in America can provide. To that point, as part of its full spectrum of imaging capabilities, Animal Imaging is the only private veterinary center in Texas to offer a 3.0 Tesla high field MRI – one of the most advanced MRI systems available – and is the only private practice in the region to offer fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine.

Besides possessing some of the most respected, board-certified radiologists in the field, Animal Imaging boasts one of the most advanced facilities in the central United States – offering virtually every diagnostic option available, all in one location. The center’s board-certified radiologists are nationally published and respected for their contributions to veterinary imaging – including many firsts in equine and companion animal MRI.

At Animal Imaging, we strive to be visibly better on every level. Contact us today and see the difference that vision can make.