In 2014, Animal Imaging added a new state-of-the-art Learning Center on site. It includes up to 2500 square feet of available space, and one to three rooms (depending on your requirements). The entire space is climate controlled, Wi-Fi enabled, and already furnished with projectors and television monitors for presentations.

This space has been rented by pharmaceutical companies, equipment distributors, continuing education providers, and others displaying human and veterinary medicine applications.

Upon request, we are able to assist with whatever you need to make a great event! That includes table and chair rental, catering services, transportation and hotel reservations, live or demonstration specimens for teaching, and RACE approval assistance.

We have three board-certified radiologists on staff that are available for teaching select labs.

Animal Imaging is a RACE approved provider and can assist you with submitting a RACE approved program.
Please call for more information.
Training Area #1 – $500 609 Sq. Ft.
Training Area #2 – $500 596 Sq. Ft.
Training Area #3 – $700 1030 Sq. Ft.
Areas #1 and #2 can be combined into one large room.