May 20th 2017

Animal Imaging hosted Dr. Jamie Sage, DVM. MS. DACVR and Dr. Sevima Atkay, VMD, DACVS to discuss shoulder and stifle abnormaities in companion animals that are appreciated on MRI. Specific indications for MRI of the shoulder and stifle were discussed, as well as case management and treatment options based on advanced imaging findings.

May 5-6th 2017

The Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Society (LADIS) hosted a two-day hands on course at Animal Imaging for diagnostic imaging residents to gain additional experience in obtaining and interpreting diagnostic images in large animals.

April 8th 2016

Animal Imaging hosted a hands-on course in field anesthesia for the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians. The course was designed to teach veterinary technicians how to induce and maintain anesthesia with injectable medications in a field setting.

April 1st 2017

Animal Imaging hosted a one day course “Priority Imaging: Becoming Proficient in Basic Abdominal Ultrasound.” This was a limited course (16 seats), where our team of Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists taught attendees basic techniques in abdominal ultrasound, common artifacts, and common abnormalities seen, through a combination of lecture and hands on scanning. Stay tuned for future dates of this course!

March 9-11th 2017

Animal Imaging hosted the wet lab portion of the 3-day ISELP Stifle and Thigh course. The day was spent by alternating between imaging and lameness evaluation, taught by a group of surgeons, sports medicine clinicians and radiologists helping the attendees understand and have practical knowledge to utilize in their clinic.

Future Topics

Stayed tuned for confirmation/finalization of the following topics:

Equine Density and the use of Standing CT

Equine Abdominal and Thoracic FAST Scan

Radiology and Anesthesia in Both Equine and Companion Animals

Is there a topic you would like to see discussed? Give us a call!