CT, or computed tomography, is a computer processed combination of x-ray images taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional images of a specific area; in this case the equine skull. These images are highly detailed 1-3 mm slices throughout the area of interest. Animal Imaging is one of very few clinics in the world that have the ability to perform a CT scan of an equine skull in a standing patient. Our facility has uniquely adapted equipment that allows us to utilize standing sedation to acquire the images, avoiding general anesthesia. CT is an invaluable diagnostic tool which can often reveal important information which allows our radiologists to solve diagnostic dilemmas.

Common indications for an equine head CT:

•Trauma/fracture evaluation and pre-surgical planning
•Nasal mass or chronic nasal drainage
•Chronic dental issues, tooth extraction planning
•Tempormandibular joint pathology
•Temporohyoid osteoarthropathy
•Guttural pouch pathology
•Head shaking
•Sepsis or osseous abnormalities in foals

One of our Equine Board-Certified Radiologists will review all the images and will submit a final report within 24-48 hours. A typical exam includes over 2,000 images of the area of interest. Dana Neelis DVM MS DACVR and Beth Biscoe DVM MS DACVR have extensive training in evaluating CT studies. The report and clinical findings will then be sent to the referring veterinarian and client. A surgical consult on the CT findings can be provided if necessary, upon request.

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