Radiographic images at Animal Imaging are effectively obtained utilizing a 1050 mA generator, a 14×17 Cannon digital radiographic plate, and an 8:1 grid placed over the digital plate as needed. Given the equipment available at Animal Imaging, we can obtain diagnostic images of the larger parts of the horse, including the head, spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, or sacral), pelvis, thorax, and abdomen. Distal limb examinations are also available at the direction of the referring veterinarian. The acquisition and interpretation of all equine radiographs obtained at Animal Imaging is supervised by our Equine Board-Certified Radiologists, Dana Neelis DVM MS DACVR and Beth Biscoe DVM MS DACVR. Both of our radiologists obtained extensive training in radiology and ultrasound prior to their respective radiology residencies. Dr. Neelis performed an equine ultrasound and cardiology fellowship with Dr. Virginia Reef at the University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center. Dr. Biscoe completed 2-year fellowship training with Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb at the University of California, Davis in large animal ultrasound. Additional knowledge and experience in all imaging modalities was then achieved during their respective residency training programs.

Indications for Equine Radiography:

• Lameness localized to a specific region via lameness examination +/- diagnostic anesthesia
• Follow-up to another imaging modality (i.e. nuclear scintigraphy/bone scan)
• Respiratory disease
• Chronic colic
• Neurologic disease, including survey radiographs of the spine and myelography
• Back and Pelvic pain

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