Ultrasound evaluation of the horse can be an effective tool to diagnose many soft tissue/ bone abnormalities. Certain ultrasound procedures are extremely challenging to perform and accurate diagnostic information from such exams can be very useful to formulate an effective treatment plan. Experience, training, and equipment are essential in obtaining diagnostic ultrasound studies. Our Equine Board-Certified Radiologists, Dana Neelis DVM MS DACVR and Beth Biscoe DVM MS DACVR, both obtained extensive training in ultrasound prior to their respective radiology residencies. Dr. Neelis performed an equine ultrasound and cardiology fellowship with Dr. Virginia Reef at the University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center. Dr. Biscoe completed 2-year fellowship training with Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb at the University of California, Davis in large animal ultrasound. Our equine radiologists utilize state-of-the-art MyLab Gold ultrasound units with Doppler capability for all exams.

Indications for ultrasound:
• Ultrasound guided injections (diagnostic or therapeutic) of the cervical, thoracic and/ or lumbar facet joints
• Ultrasound guided injections (diagnostic or therapeutic) of other specific joints
• Lameness localized to a specific region or joint
• Monitoring progression of certain soft tissue lesions to evaluate treatment success
• Ultrasound evaluation of abnormalities previously diagnosed via MRI
• Echocardiography for suspected cardiac disease
• Evaluation of the pelvis and/or spine

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