“Last Tuesday, a very difficult and disturbing situation occurred here at our ranch. Our best broodmare, out of about 50, had what appeared to be a very serious injury. With the help of Dr. Lisa Gatlin, we were able to bring the mare to your clinic for x-rays and evaluation.

Unfortunately, the injury was so severe that the mare had to be put down. The entire situation was very painful and emotional for all of us who had been associated with the mare for all of her life. When we arrived at your clinic, we and the horse were treated with exemplary professionalism and care.

We knew immediately that we were at the right place and under the care of very special people.

Please accept our sincere thanks to you and your staff for your help and service during this very difficult time. Your expertise and compassion will be long remembered.”

Ed Atkins

“Thanks for sending these studies. I just wanted to tell you that they were so well done and I really appreciate the quality of your services. I’m an orthopedic surgeon and the reports and images were of excellent quality and very meaningful to me. I was thinking that the way you did those images, with the comparison views, descriptions and arrows, would be such a cool thing to do for my own patients. I also appreciated the follow up phone call I got from the doctor. He spent a lot of time describing the findings and discussing my options, while letting me know that any final discussions would be between me and my own vet. I will also let Dr. Martin know of my positive experience with your organization. And by the way, thanks for taking good care of my previous horse.” I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, Adrian. I especially appreciate the thorough and clear communication and explanation. I would highly recommend your office to my friends and family.”

Tina Mims

“I wanted to personally say thank you for all you did for Bossy and myself when we came to your facility. All of you were considerate, kind and thoughtful. This meant a great deal.”

Jody Burdine and Bossy

“A member of our family, Roger, was in Monday for an ultrasound. Thank you for taking care of him and making him comfortable. Also, you were great at making us comfortable. Dr. Echandi spent a lot of time explaining what was and wasn’t found. We certainly appreciated that. All-in-all, you made an anxious situation relaxing. Our thanks go out to all of you.”

Mike Cheek and Bobbi Cooper

“We appreciate your care and compassion at the time of Honey’s ultrasound yesterday. It is always sad to say goodbye. Honey has been with us since Katrina in 2005. Thank you for fitting us into the schedule so quickly. Everyone was wonderful at the clinic.”

Susan, Don and Brandon Conley

“Thank you very much for taking care of our lil-pupsy, Tilly. The MRI showed that she had an infection and does not need surgery. Tilly is on her way to a full recovery. Thanks again for all that you do!”

Emma, Hassan, Tuff & Tilly Seaberry